Identifying and highlighting the impact of VTPP across campus. I hope it serves as an accessible archive to track the extent to which our faculty, staff and students work to bring down barriers to VTPP success! Capturing existing VTPP interactions will provide information about multidisciplinary opportunities and help identify common themes to initiate future VTPP collaborations. I look forward to more information about expanding these important interactions


DeBakey Executive Research Leadership with Michael E. DeBakey Institute and Aggie Research Program. (logo)


The DeBakey Executive Research Leadership Program originated to train junior faculty, post-doctoral fellows and doctoral students under the Aggie Research Program to efficiently lead a multifaceted high-end and productive research operation. The program conveys critical skills to lead, manage and direct high-achieving students and staff at all levels. The program is unique and provides a concurrent leadership experience through the Aggie Research Program in which participants apply leadership principles, analyze the impact of their leadership choices, consult with recognized research leaders, and document their successes as leaders. Since inception in the Spring of 2020, the DeBakey Executive Research Leadership Program has awarded 23 certificates and for Spring 2022, over 50 participants with 17 teams are enrolled. The average team size is 4.7



To join the program, prospective DeBakey Research Leaders must:

  • Be junior faculty, postdoctoral fellow or doctoral student
  • Have a team of undergraduates (3 to 8) to be recruited to form a research team
  • Postdocs and graduate students must obtain approval from their faculty mentor

Certification as a DeBakey Research Leader requires:

  • Participation in at least two semesters
  • Conduct weekly meetings with undergraduate research team
  • Attend monthly DeBakey Executive Leader meetings
  • Complete weekly program evaluations


  • Gain executive leadership experience for industry and academic careers
  • Increase research productivity
  • Network with leaders in research who can provide professional references
  • Earn certification as a DeBakey Executive Research Leader
  • Document the development of a Leadership Best Practice Report


VTPP continues to lead silo-busting efforts across the TexasA&M University campus!