Identifying and highlighting the impact of VTPP across campus. I hope it serves as an accessible archive to track the extent to which our faculty, staff and students work to bring down barriers to VTPP success! This new addition is part of an ongoing decription of existing VTPP interactions with the goal to generate questions about multidisciplinary opportunities and to help identify common themes that may expand future VTPP collaborations. I look forward to more information abut expanding these important interactions

  • debakey

The VTPP DeBakey Staff Leadership Program was designed to provide VTPP staff members with the critical skills to lead, manage, and direct staff and students at all levels. The training program is unique because it allows participants to apply leadership principles, analyze the impact of their leadership choices, consult with their peers, and document their successes as leaders. The program creates professional development opportunities allowing VTPP staff to discuss current leadership topics in the workplace and utilize these skills. The pilot of this program is extremely successful and there is consideration of broadening it across the CVMBS.


  • Gain leadership experience careers
  • Network with peers and leaders
  • Earn a certificate after participation in two semesters
  • Document the development of a Leadership Best Practice Report


VTPP continues to lead silo-busting efforts across the Texas A&M University campus!