Continuing efforts to “spotlight” VTPP staff, students and faculty ensuring to introduce new VTPP family members and serve to keep us reacquainted. This month’s VTPP spotlight is Kaylyn Clements and the newest VTPP faculty member Dr. Fernanda De Mello Costa! These are the questions asked of VTPP. … Read more about Spotlight

In the Community

Diversity, equity, and inclusion is an important part of our plan for success in VTPP and we continue to strive for increased DEI in all aspects of our department. The website provides an interesting perspective of the basis for the location of Texas A&M University. The … Read more about In the Community

Research Forecast

Identifying upcoming seminars, workshops, funding announcements, events, and conferences of interest to VTPP. I hope it serves as an accessible archive and reference for upcoming research events and deadlines, and sources of information to support our next generation of high impact … Read more about Research Forecast


National African American (Black) History Month begins Monday, February 1, and ends Monday, March 1. Although the celebration originated in the US, the event has received official recognition from governments in the United States, Canada, Ireland, the Netherlands, and the United … Read more about Community

Science in Action

Identifying and highlighting the impactful VTPP publications of each month. The goal is to capture these articles for annual VTPP research highlights. I hope the articles serve as an accessible archive and reference of our very best VTPP Science! The January 2022 highlighted “VTPP Science in … Read more about Science in Action