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VTPP Science Friday conversations have been informative and continue to be stimulating and helping develop more interactions. All faculty are encouraged to attend these important VTPP research- and mission-focused discussions. The next Science Friday discussions are scheduled for Thursday 8:30AM, June 11 and June 18. Overall, the goal for Science Friday discussions remains to bring all interested faculty together over coffee and bagels, to brainstorm what might be possible and to initiate more science-based conversations in VTPP. If you are interested in joining or facilitating the discussion around your research interest or have specific aims for discussion, just let Dr. Suva know and come present and stimulate the conversation.


Research Re-opening at Texas A&M University

Please continue to monitor the VPR website regarding the latest information available regarding changes to research related to COVID-19 conditions.

There is much happening with regard to research opening and a lot of it is now common practice. As preparation for and resumption of research activities are commenced, protective measures will remain essential. These include:

  • Maintain social distancing at all times (as best you can in a lab environment and with appropriate face covering and PPE)
  • For laboratory-based research, lab occupancy should be limited to those necessary to conduct the research. Social distancing may require significant revision of normal procedures
  • Maintain good personal hygiene, including proper hand washing, cough/sneeze etiquette, avoid touching your face, eyes, nose and mouth
  • Hand sanitizer is available at all building entrances and at access points for each floor
  • Use appropriate PPE to protect oneself and others from the spread of the virus while within the labs as well as within the research building. This includes face coverings. VPR has provided disposable masks for each PI and lab. VTPP has distributed
  • Clean/disinfect high-touch locations in shared spaces, including laboratories (VPR approved viricides are available by contacting DH with lab and building numbers)
  • Self-screen before coming to campus for new or worsening signs or symptoms of possible COVID-19. Do not come to work if ill or exhibiting signs or symptoms of COVID-19 (VTPP has provided touchless thermometers to allow temperature checking in labs or office. But please monitor carefully and do not come to work if you feel ill or have a temperature)
  • PIs are responsible for developing and implementing appropriate management plans for their laboratories and for training their personnel on appropriate cleaning and disinfecting, hand hygiene, and respiratory etiquette. Every VTPP PI MUST submit a COVID19 management plan for approval by DH prior to re-opening laboratories


Upcoming NIH Grant Deadlines and Opportunities

June 5: New R01 Applications

July 5: Renewal R01 Applications

August 8: New, renewal, resubmission F Series Fellowships (including F31 Diversity – NOT-OD-17-029)

For more details and upcoming submission dates go to:


Upcoming NSF Grant Deadlines and Opportunities

July 27, 2020: Faculty Early Career Development Program (CAREER)

August 6, 2020: Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU)