Thank you to all of our fabulous VTPP staff for what you do to make our work day better and to keep VTPP such a great department

  • There was also a celebration in March for Dr Suva’s big number, but more importantly the acceptance for Brooke Joyner, VTPP office and Christine Siems, VTPP Prep Lab into Vet school here at Texas A&M
  • VTPP celebrates faculty, staff and student birthdays. Happy Birthday to our many March celebrants, Drs. Blue-McLendon, Golding, Heaps, Bailey, Westhusin, Mitchell-Cooper, as well as UnHo Jim, Huan Huang, and Kumaravel Mohankumar. Hope it was a great celebration for all of you!
  • The CVM Wellness Room is open. If you would like access, let Cathy know and we can facilitate fob access. VTPP and all CVM departments were co-sponsors of the Wellness room.