The Fall VTPP Seminar series has its final 4 seminars in April. Please make every effort to attend these important and impactful presentations that benefit the department, college and campus! April seminar speakers are listed under VTPP Educational Chronicles.

Congratulations to Dr. Jay Ramadoss and his lab group for publication of recent cover art for the journal Reproductive Toxicology. Congratulations again Dr. Ramadoss!

Find listed below all VTPP publications listed on PubMed and Google Scholar from March 1, 2018-March 30, 2018 that I could identify. The current 2018 total is 21! If I have missed any, please let me know and I will add to the list and will include in the next VTPP Success, in April 2018. Please keep these important and impactful VTPP publications coming!

VTPP Success will continue to highlight our most recent achievements and is intended to serve as a concise but informative catalog of individual and departmental successes.

An upcoming campus-wide event “Presidential professor for teaching excellence” is scheduled for April 17. The Transformational Teaching and Learning Conference (featuring our very own VTPP faculty member Dr. Chris Quick) will be held April 17-18, Bethancourt Ballroom, MSC.

I look forward to our continued excellence and more examples of VTPP success!

Thank you, everyone, for leading. Your efforts make VTPP and the College better every day