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I hope we will be able to present and attend the 2022 Transformational Teaching & Learning Conference (TTLC). The event in 2022 will showcase the theme “Teaching and Learning Change” focusing on relationships, resilience, and reflection that can better prepare graduates for the future. TTLC this year will include one in-person day with several invited plenary sessions including a keynote and workshop with José Bowen, remarks from the Provost, and TED-style talks by the recent Presidential Professor for Teaching Excellence (PPTE) and University Professor for Undergraduate Teaching Excellence (UPUTE) recipients. In addition, there is the opportunity to submit recorded presentations from the faculty!.

To present, please submit a proposal for your recorded presentation (500 words or less). In your narrative describe: Presentation objectives; Target audience; Connection with the conference theme of Teaching and Learning Change; Best practices/innovative techniques featured; Predict the length of the recording, not to exceed eight minutes and provide up to five keywords that will allow others to find your presentation. Details can be found at: https://ttlc.tamu.edu/ttlc/media/library/docs/TTLC-Call-for-Proposals.pdf

Proposals are due Wednesday, February 16, 2022 and can be submitted at: