VTPP Education Chronicles is an opportunity to share specific ideas and information regarding higher education.  VTPP continued excellence in education is a major departmental strength and the information is provided to support all educational pursuits.

The Aggie research program (spearheaded by Dr. Quick) recently hit a milestone with 2,061 UG research opportunities created by the Aggie Research Program since it started four years ago. In an early draft of the original Tier One grant, an aspirational goal of 2,020 students by 2020 was set.  It is clear that this goal has been achieved.

Congratulations Dr. Quick and the entire program.


Don’t forget the 5th Annual CVM Teaching Showcase. The event this year is scheduled for December 16, 2019.  Please save the date and be on the lookout for more information regarding this important CVM educational event. This annual event (the brainchild of Dr. Fajt) is College-based, focusing on elevating our teaching.

This year, the VTPP Study abroad program in Bonn, Germany was again able to provide a trans-formative educational experience in physiology. The device design team project (running again this year after initiating in 2014) provided students the opportunity to work together to solve real-world problems.

This year, the students drove the identification of potential problems, based on ten areas of concern. The company (enmodes: https://www.enmodes.de/) and students collaborated on a project around the portability of the device. The device in question is the patented RAS-Q® technology, a device-integrated compliance for gas exchanger. By mimicking the lung’s flexible movement, an extremely low flow resistance and optimized flow guidance is achieved, yet portability of the device remains a challenge. Completed designs were presented to the company in April 2019 and the final design and outcomes provided to VTPP in September 2019. Thank you and congratulations to the participating students, VTPP Faculty Dr. Wasser and Dr. Fajt, and Ms. Anna Wisniowiecki, Graduate assistant lecturer, Department of Biomedical Engineering, Texas A&M University and enmodes colleagues. A job very well done!