Thank you to all VTPP faculty who have submitted grants both in December and January and all through the pandemic. Please keep up these efforts. VTPP needs all grant submissions to continue! Also, ALL faculty are encouraged to utilize the VTPP grant biopsy strategy where sections (or major chunks) of grants in preparation and/or revision are read and critiques by our experienced VTPP research-intensive faculty. This is a proven successful strategy that I encourage everyone to utilize.

Congratulations to Dr. Chris Quick, PI and Dr. Marissa Cisneros (Co-I) on a recently awarded NIH R25 (1R25MH129792-01) entitled “Cultivating a Sustainable Neuroscience Research-Intensive Community to Build Equity”.

Congratulations to Dr. Annie Newell-Fugate and Dr. Cris Heaps (Co-PIs) on a recently awarded UT Southwestern Center for Translational Medicine (Pilot Award) entitled “Impact of exercise on the coronary perivascular adipose tissue microenvironment”.

VTPP Also welcomes four new faculty (originally in VIBS) and the leadership of the CVMBS Interdisciplinary Toxicology Program to VTPP. This effort in conjunction with VIBS has ensured as consolidation of the toxicology program with the research-intensive faulty in VTPP. Historically, the toxicology program has always had a strong affiliation with VTPP and was administratively located in VTPP as recently as 2016. Welcome home!

A reminder of the upcoming 2022 Experimental Biology meeting and the opening of American Physiologic Society (APS) abstract submissions. Abstract information can be found at:

In addition, VTPP has again sponsored the membership in APS for VTPP faculty and graduate students. As members (2022) you continue to receive:

  • Access to exclusive research via 13 research and 2 review journals
  • Comprehensive physiology and the APS Journals Legacy Content
  • Expanded live and digital events and online development opportunities
  • Access to more than $1.2 million in awards, grants and fellowships
  • Leadership and volunteer opportunities at every career level
  • Voting privileges to help guide the future of the Society


Congratulations to CVMBS BIMS PhD graduates (December 2021) including Dr. Marcus Orzabal (arrows) trainee of former VTPP faculty member, Dr. Jay Ramadoss. Congratulations Marcus and good luck in medical school!