Duane Kraemer portrait

Duane Kraemer

Senior Professor

Phone: (979) 845-5761
Email: [email protected]

Research and Scholarly Interests

Reproductive Biology; Conservation Biology; Assisted Reproductive Technologies

About Me

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  • Ph.D. Physiology of Reproduction, Texas A&M University 1966
  • D.V.M. Veterinary Medicine, Texas A&M University 1966
  • B.S. Veterinary Science, Texas A&M University 1965
  • M.S. Physiology of Reproduction, Texas A&M University 1960
  • B.S. Animal Husbandry, University of Wisconsin 1955


  • DEA Controlled Substance Registration Certificate
  • Texas veterinary Medical License 2427
  • Texas Controlled Substances Registration Certificate

Dr. Kraemer

My lab is interested in the development and application of assisted reproductive technologies as a means to help preserve endangered species. Currently, there are more then one thousand species world wide listed as being endangered while in the United States alone, 496 species of animals are listed as threatened or endangered. My research program is dedicated to better understanding the unique reproductive biology of different mammalian species and developing the technological capability to assist with their survival as a species when threatened with extinction. We also use these technologies for the preservation and production of animal models for biomedical research.
  • Cell Biology
  • Genetics
  • Oncology
  • Physiology
  • Reproductive and Developmental Biology

Dr. Kraemer, a student of Dr. Berry’s, performed the world’s first embryo transfers in a variety of animal species, including non-human primates.  Based upon Dr. Kraemer’s pioneering studies, more than 1 million cattle embryos are transferred each year and his techniques formed the basis for modern practices in human and conservation medicine.

Dr. D.C. Kraemer and HorseDr. D.C. Kraemer and Baboon

Dr. Kraemer produced the very first commercial embryo transfer in cattle (1971), and primates (late 1970s) and was instrumental in launching the field of commercial embryo transfer.

Dr. Kraemer provides guest lecturers in undergraduate, graduate and professional courses covering facets of reproductive biology.

Duane Kraemer is not accepting trainees at this time.