Diversity, equity, and inclusion is an important part of our plan for success in VTPP and we continue to strive for increased DEI in all aspects of our department. The website https://native-land.ca/ provides an interesting perspective of the basis for the location of Texas A&M University. The site identifies the identity of the original land owners in Texas. It turns out our University (and local community) resides on the historic lands of the of the Sana and Tonkawa people. The Tonkawa signed a treaty with Stephen F. Austin (1859) that was apparently ignored for a decade or more. The indigenous people were “moved” to Oklahoma along with other plains tribes and the region was reported as “cleared” for about three years before the Morrill Act created Texas A&M as a land-grant University (1862).


VTPP Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee

The VTPP DEI committee (Trudy Bennett (Chair), Lisa Roberts-Helton, Carly Patterson, Marcell Howard, Charity Cavazos, Annie Newell-Fugate) continue to identify pathways to improving D&I in VTPP.. Look for more from this hard working group as they strive to make VTPP even better! Most recent goals identified include

  • Identify, attract, and retain faculty and staff to intentionally support diversification of the department workforce
  • Value efforts that promote participation in professional development activities focused on diversity and inclusion
  • Ensure employees strive to support an inclusive and equitable departmental climate