The 2019 VTPP Success continues expanding in distribution and content. I hope everyone will continue to strive for more success and ensure VTPP continues to lead in the CVM.

VTPP RetreatThe 2019 VTPP Research Vision Retreat was held Tuesday May 29, and the Thomas G. Hildebrand, DVM ’56 Equine Complex, with 21 VTPP faculty in attendance. Significant discussions identified some important VTPP research goals, including the need for expanded research funding, the submission of competitive, high quality multi-PI applications and many ideas regarding VTPP resource investment in ongoing and developing research collaborations. One important idea was the need to continue VTPP scientific discussions with expanded involvement in Science Friday, as well as efforts identify and accumulate VTPP (and TAMU) research resources (human, methodologic, expertise and equipment). To this end, aspects of VTPP Seminar and Science Friday will be dedicated to the communication of VTPO research strengths.

The May 2019 “VTPP Science in action” article comes from Dr. Jay Ramadoss and colleagues. In these exciting studies, Dr. Ramadoss and the team utilized high throughput RNASeq approaches and deep-sequencing to begin to characterize the specific effects of binge alcohol exposure on the maternal uterine artery transcriptome during pregnancy. Gene expression analysis has uncovered some of the underlying mechanism(s) of alcohol-mediated uterine artery dysfunction. These funded studies have significantly expanded earlier work from the Ramadoss lab (and others) examining the proteomic profile of the maternal uterine artery. Congratulations to all the authors. The article can be found at

The next VTPP Science Friday conversation is scheduled Thursday 8:30AM, June 6. The goal is to bring all interested faculty together over coffee and bagels, to brainstorm what might be possible and to initiate more science-based conversations in VTPP.

horse skeletonFind listed below all VTPP publications listed on PubMed and Google Scholar from May 1-May 31, 2019 that I could identify. Please keep these important and impactful VTPP publications coming! VTPP Success will continue to highlight our most recent achievements and is intended to serve as a concise but informative catalog of individual and departmental successes.

Don’t forget to be aware of and utilize the VTPP website. Please keep your personal information and webpage as current as possible, this is our first line of access for perspective students and others. I request that any revisions/additions that you would like added to the VTPP website, let Ms. Julie Austin and I know. We are working on monthly VTPP website updates. There is a lot there already and we are always looking to update and improve it.

Thank you everyone in VTPP for leading the way in our College. Your efforts make us better every day


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