The 2019 VTPP Success continues expanding in distribution and content. I hope everyone will continue to strive for more success and ensure VTPP continues to lead in the CVM.

The November 2019 “VTPP Science in action” article comes from the recent PhD dissertation research of Richard Chang in the laboratory of Dr. Mike Golding. The recently graduated Dr. Chang took advantage of a series of observations suggesting that paternally inherited alterations in epigenetic programming have a growing role in numerous disease states, including the growth and metabolic defects observed with fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASD). Leveraging earlier observations that in addition to fetal growth restriction, chronic paternal alcohol use elicits sex-specific alterations in insulin signaling and lipid homeostasis in offspring, Dr. Chang proposed that metabolic irregularities may be linked to paternally inherited alterations in liver x receptor (LXR) activity. The research confirms alcohol-mediated effects beyond simple maternal models of exposure and that LXR signaling pathways maybe key mediators of the immune and metabolic disturbances observed in FASD. The research article can be found at

TITLE IX training. Both VTPP and the CVM recently hosted Jennifer Smith (Assistant Vice President and Title IX Officer; [email protected]) to present the latest TAMU and Texas regulations regarding title IX and civil rights. The information and presentation are informative and essential for all Texas A&M University employees. For more information regarding the training or to make any report, please go to:


VTPP recently hosted a seminar from Dr. Paul Morley, a CVM colleague and faculty member located at VERO. VERO is a partnership between the CVM and West Texas A&M University (WTAMU). Dr. Morley’s seminar was well-received (is available at ) and I hope the visit will drive more collaborative research and educational interactions. Dr. Morley was also teaching a DVM class with Dr. Fajt.

As a reminder, Dr. Suva will present the 3rd annual State of the Department overview and update, Friday December 6 in VENI 101B. All are invited and welcome. Open discussion will follow. The final VTPP Seminar for 2019 is scheduled for Friday December 13. Dr. Cynthia Zahnow (Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and director of the Animal Resources Core at the Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center) will present. Don’t forget to utilize the VTPP website. Please keep your personal information and webpage as current as possible, this is our first line of access for perspective students and others. I request that any revisions/additions that you would like added to the VTPP website, let Ms. Julie Austin and I know. There is a lot there already and we are always looking to update and improve it. Thank you everyone in VTPP for leading the way in our College. Your efforts make us better every day