Reproductive Sciences Laboratory: Success Stories

Embryo Transfer Firsts

cats Dr. D.C. Kraemer and Baboon beagle

deer Dr. D.C. Kraemer and Horse sheep


Cloning, A Second Chance

Westhusin with Steer Second Chance Steer

Rescuing Disease Resistance in Cattle


World’s First Cloned Pet, CC

Kitten US News Magazine cover featuring cloning

World’s First Cloned Deer


Genetic Engineering Livestock to Increase Production Traits

goat A sheep B pig C

cattle D Bull E cattle F

Genetically modified livestock produced at the RSL.  (Top Left) GM goat secreting malaria vaccine in milk; (Top Middle, Top Right, Bottom Left, Bottom Middle) GM sheep, pigs and cattle encoding transgenes designed to increase muscle development and/or afford resistance to Foot and Mouth Disease. (Bottom Right) GM heifer secreting lysostaphin in milk.

Genetic Engineering Livestock to Produce Vaccines and Therapeutics

Goats Goats