Identifying upcoming seminars, workshops, funding announcements, events, and conferences of interest to VTPP. I hope it serves as an accessible archive and reference for upcoming research events and deadlines, and sources of information to support our next generation of high impact discoveries.

VTPP Science Friday conversations continue to be stimulating and helping develop more interactions. All faculty are encouraged to attend these important VTPP research- and mission-focused discussions. The first 2022 Science Friday discussions are scheduled via Zoom for Thursday 8:30AM, March 10 and March 24. Faculty are encouraged to step up and initiate similar interactions and discussions. If you have specific interests in leading any Science Friday discussion/topic or have specific aims to outline or develop, just let Dr. Suva know and come present and stimulate the conversation.

VTPP Seminar Series

The Spring 2022 seminar series is under way and we have assembled some terrific speakers. Seminars are held via Zoom, 2-3 PM. As always, please push, encourage, and direct and please strongly encourage your graduate students and trainees to attend VTPP seminar

Upcoming NIH Grant Deadlines and Opportunities

March 5: Revision, renewal R01 applications

April 8: F Series Fellowships (including F31 Diversity–NOT-OD-17-029) New, renewal, resubmission, Individual National Research Service Awards

May 25: T series Training grants

June 5: New R01 Applications

July 5: Renewal R01 Applications

For more details and upcoming submission dates go to:


The DOD has recently launched the FY21 Peer Reviewed Medical Research Program (PRMRP) submission dates. Several award types may be of particular interest for VTPP:

Discovery Award, May 13 submission

Focused Program Award, August 26 submission


Investigator-Initiated Research Award, September 2 submission

Technology/Therapeutic Development Award, September submission

Details of all award, the award notice and information regarding pre-application proposal can be found at:

Good hunting!


Please check out the attached Post Approval Monitoring (PAM) Pipeline from the Animal Welfare Office. PAM Pipeline is intended to provide animal compliance resources and tools as well as disseminate IACUC and regulatory updates to the TAMU community. conducted by Animal Welfare Office staff members who visit your research space to provide services, outreach and education. The PAM program was instituted to assist the IACUC in fulfilling its regulatory obligation to perform continuing oversight of IACUC-approved animal activities.


I have recently identified some interesting information regarding NIH awards and award rates from fiscal year 2020. The data are presented as total number of grants reviewed (blue) and the number awarded (orange). The data does not capture total number of grants submitted, which will of course change the awarded percentage. The number of grants reviewed excludes the 50-60% of submitted grants that are not discussed at study section. That said, the data provide some insight into funding options across the Institutes we regularly submit to. The entire Excel file that was downloaded from the NIH is attached to the VTPP Success. I look forward to more discussions.