Dr. Safe’s article (link included above and below) provides important new data that identifies new design options for isoflavones and flavones.  The studies provide novel insight into new ligand–dr safeAhR interactions, with importance in colon cancer and expand our understanding of the health benefits of fruits and vegetables. The new structural leads make the development of novel bioassays that may better predict AhR-dependent health promoting effects of isoflavones and other phytochemicals that are likely important for developing food products and nutraceuticals enriched with the appropriate compounds.  The compelling data (summarized in the putative mechanism Figure 1) suggest new directions in research


Don’t forget to take advantage of Dr. Mike Golding’s recent video from Texas A&M University regarding his exciting alcohol-related research. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EQig4-CCuqg&feature=youtu.be

Dr. Ivan Ivanov is a speaker at the upcoming Workshop on Statistical Significance, hosted by Texas A&M University Statistics Department.  The workshop, to be held, November 22, 2019, in the Blocker Building, Room 457, will focus on raising awareness of the correct interpretation of p-values, danger of using p-values, and alternatives to p-values to identify significant results.  This is a rapidly evolving area driven in large part by the increased scrutiny of irreproducibility in science and data fraud.  It is an important event to attend! To register and see more information, go to: https://www.stat.tamu.edu/stat-significance-workshop/

Dr. Long (Currently an Indo-US GETin visiting fellow) will headline a hands-on Workshop “CRISPR Editing in Mammalian Cells and Embryos” November 4-9 in the ICAR-Central Institute for Research on Buffaloes (CIRB), Hisar, Haryana, India.  In addition to studies in water buffalo and the aforementioned workshop, Dr. Long has been active in the camel industry and engaged with camel milk projects as well as enjoying freshly isolated camel milk.  We look forward to Dr. Long’s return and VTPPP Seminar regarding this experience.