VTPP maintains research, teaching and training collaborations with faculty and students across multiple colleges at Texas A&M University. This month, the interactions between VTPP faculty and the College of Engineering are highlighted. In aprticular, the ongoing educational interactions with the teaching of VTPP 434 and 435 (Physiology for Bioengineers I and II). These courses are a unique collaboration between the CVMBS and the College of Engineering’s Department of Biomedical Engineering. The course, directed by Dr. Jayanth Ramadoss, is currently using a hybrid model, with some students attending in person and others participating via Zoom. The instructional team distinguishes itself by drawing expertise from accomplished researchers, Drs. Larry Suva, Glen Laine and Ken Muneoka. Further, Dr. Jeremy Wasser coordinates the 435 course as part of the Study Abroad program in Germany. These faculty have worked together to ensure a solid balance between instructional and active learning in both lectures and labs. In line with this philosophy, Dr. Ramadoss and Presidential Transformational Teaching Excellence grant co-investigators, Drs. Suva, Crouch and Scott (Associate Provost of Student Success) have also organized a student success program for BMEN and BIMS students, working in collaboration with Dr. Melissa Grunlan (BMEN Professor) to identify BMEN faculty to work with CVMBS in this student success program.

Applying the first principles of physical sciences and engineering to physiology opens the door to fact-based treatment of disease. If you understand the basic laws of natures, they apply fairly well to all areas of life”: -Dr. Glen Laine

VTPP continues to pursue silo-busting efforts across the Texas A&M University campus!