Welcome Dr. Marissa Cisneros, a new Lecturer in VTPP. Marissa received her PhD in Sociology from Texas A&M University. Marissa’s PhD dissertation work focused on food justice, specifically critical approaches to food and nutrition and intersection with culture, race, class, and gender. Dr. Cisneros is actively engaged in the BRC program leading research efforts focused on understanding how societal pressures affect the nutritional health of underrepresented groups. Please join me in welcoming Marissa to VTPP!

 Congratulations to Dr. Michael Golding, PI on a recently awarded NIH R01 (1R01AA028219-01) entitled “Heritable, epigenetic effcts of paternal alcohol use on FASD phenotypes” This is another successful outcome from the VTPP grant biopsy process and is great news for VTPP.

Congratulations to Dr. Jayanth Ramadoss, PI on a recently awarded NIH R01 (2R01AA023520) entitled “A novel mechanistic framework for FASD etiology” to continue research on fetal alcohol spectrum disorders and will identify novel etiological molecular pathway(s) for FASD cardinal outcomes using integrative physiologic approaches.

Congratulations and thank you to all VTPP faculty who have submitted grants this month. Please keep up these efforts. VTPP needs all grant submissions to continue to increase! Also, ALL faculty are encouraged to utilize the VTPP grant biopsy strategy where sections (or major chunks) of grants in preparation and/or revision are read and critiques by our experienced VTPP research-intensive faculty. This is a proven successful strategy that I encourage everyone to utilize.