Thank you to all VTPP faculty who have continued efforts to submit grants all through the pandemic and now as we emerge from that event. Please keep up these very important efforts. ALL faculty are encouraged to utilize the VTPP grant biopsy strategy where sections (or major chunks) of grants in preparation and/or revision are read and critiques by our experienced VTPP research-intensive faculty. This is a proven successful strategy that I encourage everyone to utilize

The next CVMBS collaboration café is in the works for both July and August. The new conversation will be on July 28 and feature Drs. Kate Creevy and Zhilong Yang. Thank you to all who have already stepped up to volunteer. Be on the look-out for the zoom link. The goal is to provide a bridge between the clinical sciences and discovery/basic sciences by open and detailed scientific discourse. In addition, in July the zoom link will remain active for continued conversation after the presentations from our speakers. What better way to drive that goal than to work with VTPP!!

Congratulations to Dr. Annie Newell-Fugate (a CVMBS co-leader with Dr. Weston Porter, VIBS) of the first CVMBS X-grant award entitled “MitoX: Targeting Mitochondria to Improve Human Health” This X-grant brings CVMBS researchers together with many investigators from across the campus.

Congratulations to Drs. Larry Suva and Lindsay Dawson. Their NIH R01 entitled “Understanding the skeleton n Down Syndrome” recently received an award notice and received funding for the first 3 years of the 5 year award. VTPP now has two R01-level awards remaining to complete the aspirational goal of ≥8 R01 equivalents by 2022.