Congratulations and thank you to all VTPP faculty who have submitted grants this month and all through the pandemic. Please keep up these efforts. VTPP needs all grant submissions to continue to increase! Also, ALL faculty are encouraged to utilize the VTPP grant biopsy strategy where sections (or major chunks) of grants in preparation and/or revision are read and critiques by our experienced VTPP research-intensive faculty. This is a proven successful strategy that I encourage everyone to utilize.

  • Congratulations to Dr. Charles Long (PI) on a new Morris Animal Foundation application entitled “Equine anti-TNF-alpha therapy to improve recovery from injury and quality of life”
  • Congratulations to Dr. Ivan Ivanov (Co-I) on a new NIH R01 application entitled “Modeling human ovarian granulosa cell tumors”


  • VTPP always celebrates departmental birthdays, June birthday congratulations go to Lisa Roberts-Hilton, and Drs. Ken Muneoka and Yanan Tian. We are obviously missing yet another VTPP cake celebration (its WAY too many). I sincerely hope we will be able to celebrate soon!
  • Congratulations to Sybil Camacho and Lisa Roberts-Helton, recent winners of the CVM the U.S. Diversity & Inclusion quiz! (I of course missed this in the June VTPP Success)
  • Congratulations to VTPP staff longevity award winners from the 2020 Staff Awards ceremony, presented remotely on July 29. Mingquan Yan (5 years) and Becky Simmons (20 years). Well done to you both and thank you for all that you do for VTPP


Thank you to all our fabulous VTPP staff. The faculty and students are appreciative of everything you do to ensure VTPP remains a great department. A special thanks to the business team and the office staff for their continued efforts and rotating schedule that keeps VTPP running through the pandemic! You make us better every day!