• Congratulations to Dr. Michael Golding, PI on a Keck Foundation application entitled “Paternal contributions to fetal alcohol spectrum disorders: questioning the prevailing paradigm”
  • Congratulations to Dr. Annie Newell-Fugate Co-I on a new NIH R01 application entitled “Transdermal administration of antihistamines for prevention of obesity and metabolic syndrome”
  • Congratulations to Dr. Stephen Safe PI on the resubmission of a revised NIH R01 application entitled “NR4A1 as a Novel Drug Target for Treating Rhabdomyosarcoma”
  • Congratulations to Dr. Yanan Tian PI on a new NIH R21 application entitled “The Role of lncRNA MALAT1 and Nrf2 Axis in Regulating Diabetogenic Effects of Prenatal PM2.5 Exposure”
  • Congratulations to Dr. Katrin Hinrichs PI on a new American Quarter Horse Foundation application entitled “Preserving Genetics through vitrification of Equine Oocytes”
  • Congratulations to Dr. Larry Suva, Co-I on a new NIH R01 entitled “Exploiting the anabolic effects of guanylyl cyclase-B activation as therapy for osteoporosis”
  • Congratulations to Dr. Larry Suva, Co-PI on a new Leukemia and Lymphoma Society grant entitled “Investigation of the Parathyroid Hormone Axis In Multiple Myeloma”

Congratulations and thank you to all grant submitting faculty. Please keep up these great efforts! Calendar year 2018, submissions 48. It is incumbent on all VTPP faulty to submit high quality, competitive applications. Not submitting applications guarantees no new funding. Please continue to submit your high quality applications and take advantage of the VTPP review/critique process.

CVM has targeted 20 new federal NIH/NSF/DOD etc. R01-level awards for the next 3-5 years. VTPP plans to capture 6-8 of these!