• Congratulations to Dr. Stephen Safe Co-PI on the submission of an NIH R01 entitled “Bidirectional communication between microbiota-derived SCFAs and host AhR tunes gut resilience”
  • Congratulations to Dr. Mark Westhusin PI and Dr. Charles Long Co-I on the submission of an NIH R01 entitled “Development of improved production platforms to produce vaccines for animal and human diseases”
  • Congratulations to Dr. Mike Golding PI and Drs. Ivan Ivanov and Jay Ramadoss Co-I’s on the submission of an NIH R01 entitled “An epigenetic memory of prenatal alcohol exposure and the development of FASD birth defects”
  • Congratulations to Dr. Jay Ramadoss PI and Drs. Ivan Ivanov, Cris Heaps and Mike Golding Co-I’s on the submission of an NIH R01 entitled Vascular sequelae in the uterus from electronic cigarette vaping in pregnancy
  • Congratulations to Dr. Ken Muneoka PI of an NIH R01 entitled “Induced synovial joint regeneration in mice”
  • Congratulations to Dr. Guichun Han PI of an NIH R01 entitled “Dual G-protein coupling by crosstalk of estrogen receptors in coronary arterioles”
  • Congratulations to Dr. Stephen Safe PI on the submission of a new NIH R01 entitled “NR4A1 as a Drug Target in Endometriosis”

Congratulations and thank you to all grant submitting faculty. Please keep up these great efforts! Calendar year 2018, submissions 41. It is incumbent on all VTPP faulty to submit high quality, competitive applications. Not submitting applications guarantees no new funding. Please continue to submit your high quality applications and take advantage of the VTPP review/critique process.

It is not just about submission of proposals, it is also important to recognize that not all submissions are funded. To this end, The Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas (CPRIT) submission (Suva PI) entitled “Osteoblast and Osteocyte Control of Myeloma” was NOT funded. Plan is for revision and resubmission

CVM has targeted 20 new federal NIH/NSF/DOD etc. R01-level awards for the next 3-5 years. VTPP plans to capture 6-8 of these!