BRCDr. Luke Lyons is initiated the inaugural Biomedical Research Forum with the goal of conveying the extent of research and the many opportunities for undergraduates to explore research. The Inaugural Biomedical Research Forum, November 14, started with breakfast and registration 7;00-7:30AM VENI 101A. The event brought together BIMS undergraduate researchers with biomedical professional, researchers and faculty providing a unique interface for scientific presentations and learning.  The event featured a keynote address from Dr. Glen Laine and connect BIMS undergraduate researchers both biomdical profesionals and researchers. BRC conference

It was great to see VTPP and the BRC & ARP at First Friday in Bryan, November 1, 2019.  Great experience for the students in attendance as well as the local community learning about cardiovasculr haelth.  Great job Dr. Lyons and all the students involved.

boss's dayCongratulations to Angie Taylor and her son Nathan, who recently committed to attending Texas Tech.  We will have to be cheering for the Red Raiders as well as our Aggies.  Fantatic news for Nathan and Angie.  We wish him every success

Thanks again to everyone for helping celebrate Boss’s day in VTPP!