The 2019 VTPP Success continues expanding in distribution and content. I hope everyone will continue to strive for more success and ensure VTPP continues to lead in the CVM.

Welcome back to the first weeks of Class! All our VTPP Programs are back in full swing for the fall semester.  Good luck to everyone.

The August 2019 “VTPP Science in action” article comes from the highly productive laboratory of Dr. Stephen Safe. The article is published in the journal Molecular Cancer Research. The article that describes the role of NR4A1 in the progression of rhabdomyosarcoma. Rhabdomyosarcoma a cancer primarily seen in children and adolescents and represents > 50% of soft tissue sarcomas in this younger age group. The article has the potential to open new treatment directions in this debilitating and deadly tumor, and can be found at



VTPP recently launched a competition to solicit a new look for our departmental seminar flyers and to create a VTPP logo/art element. The Seminar poster design winner is Ms. Julie Austin. Thanks for the great re-design of our Seminar flyers!  Please send any VTPP art element design ideas to Dr. Suva by September 4, 2019.

Congratulations and safe travels to Dr. Charles Long, a 2019 Fellow of the Indian Government, Department of Biotechnology and the Indo-US Science and Technology Forum. The fellowship is in the area of Genome engineering/Editing technology (GETin). Dr. Long will serve in this fellowship for the fall semester. During this time, Dr. Long will initiate new research projects in genetic engineering of water buffalo and potentially establish new collaborations of benefit to VTPP, Texas A&M University and our Indian colleagues. Please be on the look-out for updates from Dr. Long in this exciting endeavor. He will be located primarily in Hisar, India, approximately 100 miles west of New Delhi, India, population approximately 300,000 (and now 1 Texan!).

Find listed below all VTPP publications listed on PubMed and Google Scholar from August 1-August 31, 2019 that I could identify.  Please keep these important and impactful VTPP publications coming!  VTPP Success will continue to highlight our most recent achievements and is intended to serve as a concise but informative catalog of individual and departmental successes.

Don’t forget to utilize the VTPP website.  Please keep your personal information and webpage as current as possible, this is our first line of access for perspective students and others. I request that any revisions/additions that you would like added to the VTPP website, let Ms. Julie Austin and I know. There is a lot there already and we are always looking to update and improve it.

Thank you everyone in VTPP for leading the way in our College. Your efforts make us better every day


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