VTPP Science Friday conversations continue to be stimulating and helping develop more interactions. All faculty are encouraged to attend these important VTPP research- and mission-focused discussions. The next Science Friday discussions are scheduled via Zoom for Thursday 8:30AM, September 10 and September 24.

science friday

Research in the pandemic at Texas A&M University

Much is still happening with the ongoing return to research. As research activities continue to ramp up, protective measures remain essential. Please continue to monitor the VPR website regarding the latest information available regarding changes to research related to COVID-19 conditions.  https://vpr.tamu.edu/covid-19

Please remember to wear masks in all TAMU locations and minimize occupancy of elevators in all buildings, including all research buildings.


In-Person Undergraduate Research Guidelines: Guidance was recently released from the VPR. Directives apply to all undergraduate research activities including, but not limited to, credit-bearing research experiences, paid employment on a research project, paid lab-based student workers, organized undergraduate research programs, and research-oriented volunteer activities. Research supervisors who choose not to host undergraduate researchers for credit-bearing experiences should refer students to their academic advisor for any related adjustments to the student’s fall course schedule.


Upcoming NIH Grant Deadlines and Opportunities

October 5: New R01 submissions

October 16: New R21 submissions

November 5: R01 renewal, resubmission, revision

November 15: R21 renewal, resubmission, revision

December 8: New, renewal, resubmission F Series Fellowships (including F31 Diversity – NOT-OD-17-029)

For more details and upcoming submission dates go to:


Upcoming NSF Grant Deadlines and Opportunitiesnsf

October 20, 2020: NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program (GRFP)

January 1-January 19, 2021: Major Research Instrumentation Program (MRI)

For more details and upcoming submission dates go to:




Texas A&M Research Cores

VTPP Success provides links to TAMU research core that may help VTPP researchers and identify research resources in VTPP and across the Texas A&M system. This month we highlight the College of Dentistry Research Core (contact: Dr. Shannon Kramer; [email protected]; Ph 214-828-8344). The College of Dentistry research core consists of a Histology Core, a Microscopy Core, and an Animal Resource Unit. The College supports several full-time technicians to staff this facility. Two are dedicated to animal maintenance and compliance. The Histology Core is housed in the main Texas A&M College of Dentistry building and the Micro-Computed Tomography (μCT), Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM), and Confocal microscope are housed in the Sciences Building.  Details of the available resources can be found at: https://dentistry.tamu.edu/research/research-resources.html