VTPP Science Friday conversations continue to be stimulating and helping develop more interactions. All faculty are encouraged to attend these important VTPPscience friday research- and mission-focused discussions. The next Science Friday discussions are scheduled via Zoom for Thursday 8:30AM, February 11 and February 25. Faculty are encouraged to step up and initiate similar interactions and discussions. If you have specific interests in leading any Science Friday discussion/topic or have specific aims to outline or develop, just let Dr. Suva know and come present and stimulate the conversation.

VTPP Seminar Series

The Spring seminar series is here and Dr. Clement has assembled some terrific speakers. There have been a bunch of great seminars from VTPP TT faculty candidates.

February 12 VTPP will host a seminar from Mariappan Muthuchamy, Ph.D. Professor, Medical Physiology, College of Medicine, TAMU entitled “Lessons Learned from Cardiac and Lymphatic Pumps”

March 12: VTPP will host a seminar from Pushkar Lele, PhD, Assistant Professor, Chemical Engineering, TAMU entitled “Regulation of allosteric interactions in flagellar motors by mechanical forces”

March 26: VTPP will host a seminar by Jean-Philippe Pellois, PhD Professor, Biochemistry & Biophysics, and Chemistry, TAMU entitled” Drug/molecule delivery systems and exosomal signaling”

Seminars are held via Zoom, 2-3 PM. As always, please push, encourage and direct your graduate students and trainees to attend the VTPP seminar. (The Spring schedule is included in this VTPP Success)

Upcoming NIH Grant Deadlines and Opportunities

February 5: New, R01 applications

February 12: New K series, Research Career Development grants

February 16: New R03, R21, R33, R21/R33, R34, R36, U34, UH2, UH3, UH2/UH3 Other Research Grants and Cooperative Agreements


March 5: Revision, renewal R01 applications

April 8: F Series Fellowships (including F31 Diversity–NOT-OD-17-029) New, renewal, resubmission, Individual National Research Service Awards

For more details and upcoming submission dates go to:

VTPP Research metrics

Great to include the track record of VTPP research grants and awards from 2016-2020. VTPP data below for submissions and awards through AgriLife and TAMU