2019 IETS meetingIdentifying upcoming seminars, workshops, funding announcements, events, and conferences of interest to VTPP. I hope it serves as an accessible archive and reference for upcoming research events and deadlines, and sources of information to support our next discoveries.

An announcement regarding the 2019 IETS meeting. Start planning for New Orleans in January!

ORS meeting 2019

Registration has also opened for the ORS meeting in Austin, February2-5, 2019.

Please let me know of other upcoming meetings that VTPP faculty, students and post-docs should consider

With the increasing push to translate basic-science discoveries into pharmaceuticals and other technologies, there are many steps that cannot be taken for granted. The article below (from March 2018) tries to put some of these ideas into context. It is an interesting read.

https://www.the-scientist.com/careers/how-to-successfully-collaborate-with-industry- 30012?utm_campaign=TS_DAILY%20NEWSLETTER_2018&utm_source=hs_email&utm_medium=email&utm _content=65600650&_hsenc=p2ANqtz- _wxJcQD88vhcHaVJ8Jyblv7Wd8ukz4A8pMCAK4DWm14umPBldIc7KNUZCaort7pgRGGvSxnr1tGnN7A7ZGE gX0Q7ln5A&_hsmi=65600650

I am also including some other research information from Texas A&M that may be of interest:

  • T3 grants – Provost recommended including APT faculty this year. VPR decided not to make any changes to the last year’s guidelines (as was communicated recently)
  • Faculty reinvestment program – $3M this year and $2M next year to recruit new tenure-track faculty. Provost provides up to $100K in salary per position and units have to match. 1/3rd will go towards recruiting faculty of color and women in STEM; 1/3rd will go towards recruiting high performing associate professors; 1/3rd will go towards recruiting full professors between two colleges. Each college may get only 3 of these positions. The Academic Leadership Council in the provost’s office will make the decisions regarding the requests
  • Faculty hiring – . Interfolio – University will purchase Interfolio for use in faculty hires. Interfolio will replace Workday for faculty hires. It will be integrated with DoF’s hiring portal.
  • There is also a freezer monitoring system being installed in VMR and the annex. The Thermo Scientific Smart-Vue 2.0 Wireless Monitoring System will enable faculty and their labs to have freezers remotely monitored. Faculty will be notified by email and/or text if their freezer temperature moves outside the high or low set points. If you would like to utilize the freezer monitoring system, you will need to make the one-time purchase of a freezer probe and have it professionally installed. The probes have a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty and can be re-used/transferred to other freezers as equipment infrastructure changes. We are looking into similar/related options in the vivarium

Below are the costs associated with each type of probe:

  • 130° probe ($1,059.97 TOTAL) ($853.72 per probe + $206.25 installation)
  • 80° probe ($702.37 TOTAL) ($496.21 per probe + $206.25 installation)
  • 20° probe ($500.55 TOTAL) ($294.30 per probe + $206.25 installation)

VTPP SEMINAR SPEAKERS IN OCTOBER (watch out for announcements):

  • Tuesday October 9, Dr. Thomas Crenshaw (suggested by Dr. Clement)
  • Tuesday October 16, Dr. Malcolm Maden (suggested by Dr. Muneoka)
  • Tuesday October 23, Dr. Weston Porter (suggested by Dr. Clement)
  • Tuesday October 30, Dr. Heather Wilson-Robles (suggested by Dr. Newell-Fugate)

Upcoming NIH and other Grant Deadlines:

  • October 5: NIH new R01 applications
  • October 16: NIH new R21 applications
  • October 22: NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program https://www.nsf.gov/funding/pgm_summ.jsp?pims_id=6201&org=NSF&sel_org=BIO&from=fund
  • December 8: Ruth L. Kirschstein Pre-doctoral Individual National Research Service Award
  • December 8: Ruth L. Kirschstein Postdoctoral Individual National Research Service Award