Identifying upcoming seminars, workshops, funding announcements, events, and conferences of interest to VTPP. I hope it serves as an accessible archive and reference for upcoming research events and deadlines, and sources of information to support our next discoveries.

VTPP Science Friday conversations have been informative and stimulating. All faculty are encouraged to attend these important research- and mission-focused discussions. The next Science Friday is scheduled for Thursday 8:30AM, December 12. The goal remains to bring all interested faculty together over coffee and bagels, to brainstorm what might be possible and to initiate more science-based conversations in VTPP. If you are interested in joining or facilitating the discussion around your research interest or have specific aims for discussion, just let Dr. Suva know and come present and stimulate the friday


AAAS/Science Program for Excellence in Science

AAAS is at the forefront of scientific discovery and on the frontline of scientific advancement, promoting sound science policy, improved science education, and international cooperation among scientists through its various programs and member participation. The Excellence in Science program is sponsoring a number of one-year AAAS/Science memberships for graduate students and postdocs working in the life sciences. If you have any questions, please e-mail Lisa Roeback at [email protected] or call 202-320-7699


Upcoming NIH Grant Deadlines and ONIHpportunities

February 5: New, R01 Research Grants

February 12: New, K series Research Career Development Grants

February 16: New R21 Research Grants

March 5: Revised R01 Research Grants


Upcoming NSF Grant Deadlines and Opportunities

January 21, 2020: Major Research Instrumentation Program: (MRI)


Texas A&M Research Cores

The Office of Research Compliance and Biosafety, although not strictly a Texas A&M Core facility, provides a wealth of information for researchers.  In particular, new guidance and information from the IACUC is linked to this page.  The Division of Research, through Research Compliance and Biosafety, is responsible for providing training and support to faculty, students, and staff in regulatory requirements for scientific research at Texas A&M.  I encourage all to take a good look at the resources to be found there.  The link to the office and to the login page for TAMU faculty/researchers can be found at:animals in research