VTPP Research Resources

Histology Equipment
• Leica EG 1160 tissue embedding center
• Lipshaw 80A sledge microtome
• Hacker overhead staining fume hood and Hacker fume absorber
• Leitz 1512 microtome and JB4 GMA microtome, Cryostat (Richard Allan Microm Model HM550 OMVP)
• Dako Autostainer
• Labconco Centrivap cold trap
• Automated tissue processor (Leica)
• Paraffin embedding station
• Cryostat (Leica)
• Automated paraffin microtome (Leica)

Musculoskeletal Imaging
• Faxitron UltraFocus DXA.
• Scanco MicroCT 50
• Scanco In vivo MicroCT

• Nikon microscope 55i and digital insight camera and image analysis system
• Nikon Labophot microscope with digital spot camera
• Olympus microscope with Polaroid digital camera (image analysis system on the new one?)
• Zeiss dual-head microscope
• A/O dissecting microscope
• Two (2) Osteomeasure histomorphometry systems and digitizing tablets (one with motorized stage)
• Virtual imaging system (Olympus VS120)
• Laser microdissection system (Olympus Cellcut)
• Deconvolution fluorescence microscope (Olympus BX61TF)
• Compound light microscope (Olympus)
• Fluorescence dissection microscope with high resolution imaging system (Zeiss Lumar V12)
• Inverted phase microscope (Olympus IX73)
• Brightfield upright microscope
• (Olympus BX41) with digital camera (DP73) and CellSens software

Molecular Technology
• Diagenode Bioruptor® sonnicator for ChIP-PCR and ChIP-seq applications
• PCR work stations (including one BioRad T100 96 well workstation, one MJ Research PTC-200
Gradient Thermal Cycler and one MJ Research PTC 225 DNA Engine Tetrad)
• two Applied Biosystems StepOne Plus 96 well Real Time PCR systems,
• one BioRad CFX384 Real Time PCR system
• ThermoScientific™ NanoDrop 2000 full-spectrum UV-Visual spectrophotometer
• Analox AM1 alcohol analyzer for the analysis of plasma alcohol levels
• Agilent Bioanalyzer 2100 for analysis of DNA/RNA purity
• Tecan Infinite 200 Pro M-Plex plate reader and analysis software
• BioRad Molecular Imager Gel Doc XR Digital Darkroom high-performance Western blot and gel imaging station
• NEON transfection system
• Microplate reader (Polarstar Omega)
• Realtime PCR machine (Eppendorf)
• 2 PCR machines
• Gel Logic 2200 Imaging System
• Molecular Dynamics STORM instant imager.
• ABI 7900HT DNA Sequence Detection System for SYBR
• Taqman quantitative Reverse Transcription PCR analysis
• Molecular Devices 96 well spectrophotometer
• BioTekSynergy HT 96 well plate reader with Gen5 software

• Rodent hyperbaric chamber (Reimer B-11)
• Sealed Rotor Ultracentrifuges (2)
• Quibit fluorometer
• One radioisotope fume hood
• Beckman ultracentrifuges (2), J2-21 prep. centrifuge, 2 tabletop GPR centrifuges, 4 microcentrifuges
• LSC – 2 Beckman LSCs
• Scintillation (Tricarb 4910TR) counter
• Gamma counter (Wallac Wizard 2)
• Geiger counter
• Laser and video densitometer
• FACS Calibur flow cytometer
• 2 gas liquid chromatographs
• 4 HPLCs