The August 2020 highlighted “VTPP Science in Action” article (link below) comes from the laboratory of Dr. Stephen Safe. The manuscript outlines a series of elegant experiments that ascribe antitumor efficacy to omeprazole in the treatment of glioblastoma, a severely debilitating and highly aggressive brain tumor. Figure 6 from the paper shows in vivo efficacy of omeprazole (100mg/kg) to inhibit and delay glioblastoma xenograft tumor growth in nude mice. Perhaps most importantly is the clinical relevance of the studies, given the extremely aggressive nature of glioblastoma. There is an unmet need for new treatment opportunities and the manuscript proposes that AhR regulators with greater efficacy may present a new opportunity for the development of novel therapeutic avenues for glioblastoma patients. Congratulations again to all the members of the Safe research team on highly impactful work.