The November 2020 highlighted “VTPP Science in Action” article (link included above and below) comes from a collaborative effort between the Dental school at the Ohio State University and VIBS and VTPP investigators in the CVMBS. The manuscript outlines a series of elegant experiments designed to provide a novel method for assessing the extent of mineralization in human hypophosphatasia (HPP) patient teeth, as well as identify differences in enzymatic activity associated with biallelic mutations in alkaline phosphatase. Figure 3 from the article (right) identifies the extent of the mantle dentin defects in HPP patient teeth. The figure shows control and HPP incisors where white indicates enamel (EN), gray indicates dentin (DE), and yellow indicates acellular cementum (AC), which was undetectable on HPP incisors. HPP teeth also exhibit excessive remaining root structure and radiolucent regions in outer dentin (yellow arrow). Congratulations again to all the members of the research team for the highly impactful study. There is still much to be learned and done! The manuscript can be found at: