The February 2021 highlighted “VTPP Science in Action” article (link included below) comes from a long-term collaborative effort between the laboratory of Dr. Larry Suva and Dr. Maurizio Zangari in Arkansas. The article provides the first compelling evidence of the systematic and extensive healing of myeloma bone lesions yet reported. The article concludes with the paradigm shifting conclusion that patient baseline bone-related factors play a fundamentally important role in the skeletal repair of bone lesions in multiple myeloma that provide new opportunities for improving patient outcomes. The figure to the right shows the extent to which large, lytic bone lesions heal. White arrows reveal extremely large lesions (pelvis (top) and right rib (bottom)) that are healed (Yellow arrows) in the images to the right from the same patient. The study provides a strong and compelling rationale for redesigning prospective clinical trials in multiple myeloma patients with the inclusion of comprehensive bone end points, such as skeletal related events, biomarkers (alkaline phosphatase), bone marrow biopsies and more frequent imaging (PET/CT or MRI) as demonstrated in this manuscript. Congratulations again to all the members of the team for the study. The manuscript can be found at: