VTPP always celebrates departmental birthdays, Belated December 2020 birthday congratulations go to Drs. Virginia Fajt and Regina Brunauer, as well as Rebecca Simmons, Katherine Zimmel and Sybil Camacho

January 2021 birthday wishes headed to Dr. Ling Yu, Joan Ash and Kara Thomas

Congratulations, January 30, 2021 was Ms. Mandy Zachgo’s 2 year anniversary in VTPP.  How fast has that happened!  Thanks for your continued efforts Mandy.

 Thank you to all our fabulous VTPP staff. The faculty, students and I are especially appreciative of everything you do to ensure VTPP remains a great department. You make us better every day!



National African American (Black) History Month begins Monday, February 1, and ends Monday, March 1. Although the celebration originated in the US, the event has received official recognition from governments in the United States, Canada, Ireland, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom.


Please welcome the newest member of the VTPP Family! Kyle William Lyons! Born January 12, 2021. An extremely happy and healthy 81lbs 11oz Aggie lineman in the making! From all account’s mom is doing well, but Dad appears somewhat sleep-deprived. Please give Luke congratulations the next time you see him on zoom!