VTPP always celebrates departmental birthdays February 2021 birthday wishes are headed to Drs. John Stallone, Tracy Clement, Luke Lyons, Chris Quick and Larry Suva. We also celebrate the
birthdays of Angie Taylor, Raine Lunde, Lorna Safe and Kalen Johnson. Best wishes and happy birthday to all!

Thank you to all our fabulous VTPP staff. The faculty, students and I are especially appreciative of everything you do to ensure VTPP remains a great department. You make us better every day!

Dr. Jeremy Wasser has led (in collaboration with several Texas A&M University faculty from CVMBS and Engineering) one of the most (if not most) successful study abroad programs for more than a decade, based in Bonn, Germany. The Bonn program is the longest-running semester-long program of its kind in the CVMBS. The program for students in biomedical sciences (BIMS), life sciences and biomedical engineering majors complete up to 14 credit hours. Dr. Wasser’s global classroom constitutes an interdisciplinary approach to physiology, the history of medicine, and the marriage of art and science. Dr. Wasser uses teaching and performance to create opportunities for growing students’ understanding of unfamiliar cultural, historical and psychological aspects of being human while understanding the physiology related to the way the human body functions. These efforts have helped pave the way for many subsequent study-abroad efforts, including the VTPP Bulgaria program (led by Dr. Ivan Ivanov, VTPP). Programs such as this are an example of the broad reach of VTPP programs across Texas A&M University and remain a continued point of emphasis for the department. We are especially grateful for the continued interactions and collaborations colleagues with Biomedical Engineering.

VTPP continues silo-busting efforts across the Texas A&M University campus