VTPP always celebrates departmental birthdays, September 2020 birthday congratulations go to Sui Ke, Jessica Smith, Mandy Zachgo and Drs. Mahsa Zarei, Keshav Karki, Charles Long, Annie Newell-Fugate. We are obviously missing another VTPP cake celebration. Hopefully we will be able to celebrate soon!

Thank you to all our fabulous VTPP staff. The faculty and students are appreciative of everything you do to ensure VTPP remains a great department. You make us better every day


Since 1989, the Black Graduate Student Association (BGSA) has been instrumental in the academic, professional, and personal development of master’s and doctoral students at Texas A&M University. Given the current social environment, I thought it important to have contact with this group of dedicated student supporters. Importantly, among the many activities of the group, they host a Weekly Writing Sessions Via Zoom (Tuesdays 10PM-2AM (yes); and Wednesdays 1-3PM), please consider being involved. For more details please go to or email Asha Winfield (current president) at [email protected]