• Thank you to all our fabulous VTPP staff. We are appreciative of everything you do to make our work day better and to ensure VTPP remains a great department

• This was especially apparent during the recent Staff Appreciation Week. What an amazing group of individuals our outstanding staff are.  Thank you to Ms. Julie Austin for leadership in this area and to all our VTPP staff members. We are extremely appreciative and grateful for your tireless efforts on our behalf.  Thanks again!

• VTPP always celebrates department birthdays, this month congratulations to Drs. Washburn, Herman and Han. Hope it was a great celebration!


Austin Wright Headshot


Student Worker – Graduating

Austin ’19 from Spring is graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in English and will be missed.



Madison Blice Headshot


New Student Worker

Madison is a Senior Wildlife Ecology major with a double minor within the department of Agriculture and Life Sciences. Welcome Madison!



Gracie Cooper Headshot


New Student Worker

Gracie is a freshman in Animal Science with hopes of attending Vet School. We are glad you are here Gracie!