Dr. Ramadoss Receives AFS Award

Congratulations to Dr. Jay Ramadoss, AFS College level teaching award winner.  The award was presented at the CVM Holiday party, December 11, 2018.

Keshav receiving award from SuvaLong Receiving Award from Suva

Congratulations to Dr. Charles Long, winner of the 2018 VTPP Mentor of the year award and to Keshav Karki the 2018 VTPP graduate student of the year (Mentor: Dr. Stephen Safe).  Both awards were presented at the annual VTPP Christmas celebration and were selected after outside review of nominations submitted in September. Congratulations to you both.  The next round of nominations will be announced in 2019.


Congratulations to Dr Tracy Clement and Dr. Annie Newell-Fugate!  Both of their Texas A&M T3 triads were funded in the most recent round.  Two more research awards coming to VTPP!


Congratulations to Dr. Bailey, Dr Hinrichs, Dr. Stallone, Judy Walters and Kathy Mooney of outstanding service for Texas A&M University and VTPP.  The University lapel pins for 50, 40, 25 and 20 years.